River Deveron Eden

The Eden beat lies some 3 miles from Banff and only 9.5 miles from Turriff and is made up of 9 pools: King Edward, Carding Pot, Auchenbadie, Thieves Pot, Willows, Rodger, Croys, Piles and Brooms, stretching over roughly 1 mile of double bank fishing and 0.2 miles of single bank fishing. It is only 4.3 miles to the mouth of the river and so benefits from fish coming off the tide. Eden tends to fish better in higher water and has excellent retaining pools.

The fishing is extremely user friendly with easy access to the water and safe wading. The banks are all maintained and mown throughout the season making enjoyable walking from pool to pool. There is a boat provided to cross the river making it easy to fish off both banks and to access all the pools. It is also possible to wade across at two or three locations. There are benches scattered along the Deveron banks allowing for ease of changing a fly and all pools are accessible by car subject to ground conditions.

The main lodge is based about halfway along the beat, offering commanding views up and down the river. This beat and Lower Inverchnie rent very well together.

Eden Fishing Permits: Click any available day in the calendar below.